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Neon Frontier on KZME 107.1FM: Reading Series Get National


People often have mixed feelings about readings. Readings can be long and boring, Or they can be performances, parties, political rallies, scenes.  Portland, like a lot of other cities, has a long history of underground readings through many cultural moments, from Ken Kesey’s Poetry Happenings to today, when Portland is on the national tour circuit.  I sat down with 90′s slam host Reuben Nisenfeld, Smalldoggies‘ Matty Byloos and Carrie Seitzinger, Bad Blood’s Zachary Schomburg, Literary Mixtape’s Erik Bader, and Loggernaut’s Erin Ergenbright, Jesse Lichtenstein and Paul Toutonghi on Portland series then and now.

Listen to the KZME podcast here.

Neon Frontier on KZME 107.1FM Debut: Sid Miller with Crow Arts Manor


Neon Frontier, my new radio segment on KZME 107.1FM’s Artclectic show, debuted on September 11th with an interview with Sid Miller, Burnside Review editor and director of Portland’s newest writing/arts center, Crow Arts Manor.  Neon Frontier will explore how Portland’s cultural space has evolved through conversation with the artists and makers who have shaped it.  I sat down with Sid to talk about what it means to start a DIY instituition, kind of by pulling up your own bootstraps.

Take a listen to the KZME podcast here.

Preview from Wordstock this Sunday: From Playboy to the Bible

From Playboy to the Bible: Adapting Writing for Screen and Image

New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler, writer Mark Russell and filmmaker Andy Mingo sit down with writer Nora Robertson to discuss collaboration between writers and artists in visual mediums. Get a look at a sneak peek of Mingo’s adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s short story “Romance” that recently appeared in Playboy, images from Wheeler and Russell’s adaptation of the Bible, God Is Disappointed in You (Top Shelf in 2012), and Robertson’s poetry film with Jason Bahling, The Humble Egg. Wordstock, Oregon Convention Center, Sunday the 9th, 4PM, Oregon Cultural Trust Stage, presented by New Oregon Arts & Letters.

From God Is Disappointed in You:

God had but one rule: do not eat from the two magic trees which he’d planted at the center of the garden. Why he put them there to begin with is anyone’s guess. But, having received this cryptic admonition, Adam and Eve’s curiosity was piqued. And having a talking snake constantly coaxing them into eating from the trees certainly didn’t help. Eventually, they succumbed to temptation, eating the magical fruit and unlocking its secret power, which seemed to consist mostly of making them uptight about nudity.

Their blatant disregard for his one and only rule introduced God to a new sensation, one he would experience many times during his long association with human beings: God was pissed off. Furious, God evicted Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, forcing them to fend for themselves in the surrounding wilderness. To add to their misery, God also ordered them to become parents.